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We are a Christian community of local residents and seasonal visitors with diverse ideas and theological backgrounds, bound together by our belief and faith in God. We are called to share God’s love with all who come through our doors. The members of Caldwell Presbyterian Church, USA, maintain our church through our attendance at services, support of its work, our gifts, prayers and study of scripture. Through God’s grace, we will grow in our faith and serve an ever-changing world, both locally and globally.


The Board of Deacons

The Deacons are the serving and caring arm of the church. The Deacons provide meals and make visits to anyone in need. The Deacons oversee the Food Pantry ministry, college care outreach, Prayer Shawl ministry, Holiday food baskets at Thanksgiving and Easter, Christmas adopt-a-family, and the Rummage Sales in the Spring and Fall. The Deacons work with the pastor on outreach for prayers and cards offering the ministry of compassion in Christ’s name.

The Session

The Session is comprised of the ruling elders who serve the church as spiritual leaders, making decisions and discernments on behalf of the congregation. All of the committees have a ruling-elder as chair, and the Session has oversight on all operations of our congregation.


Christian Education Committee

Education is an integral part of the ministry of Caldwell Presbyterian Church that helps each person grow in faith, knowledge, and the love of God. Thus, the members shall have the opportunity to continue their education by attending classes, films, videos, speakers etc., offered each year by Christian Education. Areas of Education include: Church School, Youth and Adult Education, Vacation Bible School, library, and Confirmation Classes.

Fellowship And Hospitality Committee

The Fellowship and Hospitality Committee promotes hospitality. The committee oversees some of the visitation and care of the congregation and encourages them to use their talents as disciples of Jesus Christ here at Caldwell. The Committee arranges for Senior Breakfasts and special Congregational Pot Luck Dinners. The committee oversees the Prayer Concerns Lists.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee monitors the outlay of funds as outlined by the Budget. The committee serves as consultant on financial policy and considers major expenses suggested by the other committees. Responsibilities of the committee include: check writing, posting income and expenses, preparing monthly financial statements, keeping the Session informed of the church’s financial condition.

Stewardship, Memorials, Scholarships

The Finance Committee is responsible for directing the congregation in the wise use of its time, talents and monies. Stewardship Education is a vital part of the committee. The committee demonstrates our need to care for and be stewards of our environment, our time and our commitment to the Church of Jesus Christ. The committee oversees special offerings, environment programs, the stewardship campaign of pledges, and works with Worship to promote good stewardship through awareness.

The Finance Committee is responsible for allocating monies we receive through deaths or through living wills or endowments. The Committee also oversees the Scholarship Program for those who are advancing their education. Monies are awarded each June during a Worship Service.

Fund Raising Volunteers

The Fund raising opportunities at Caldwell are integral to our financial health and contribute to important community outreach as well. It’s an emerging area where we need willing volunteers to help to raise additional income for the church budget and/or projects of the church through a variety of activities. Such activities include: Parking for summer fireworks and the Car Show, Americade Breakfasts, Christmas Bazaar and a Fall Church Dinner.

Mission Committee

Jesus said, “When you do this for the least of these, you do it for me.” The Mission committee is responsible for identifying mission opportunities in our Church Community and throughout the world. The committee keeps the congregation informed of the church’s efforts through Minutes for Mission during Worship, articles in the Seeker, displays, speakers, and presentations. The committee works closely with the Deacons, whose work involves Local Mission. Also, the committee works with the Presbytery on National Missions and disasters and with Louisville, our National Headquarters, to coordinate worldwide mission.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is charged with establishing personnel policies and procedures for every staff position in the church. Responsibilities include preparing a job description for each position, establishing compensation and benefits and providing contracts. The committee also conducts annual evaluations with each staff person. In addition, the committee addresses any issues of staff and/or relations when needed.

Property Committee

The Property Committee is responsible for maintaining the grounds and physical plant of the church.  They oversee the property insurance plans. The committee is responsible for the lawn care, cleanup, snow removal, repairs, construction projects and safety. The committee also oversees the use of the facility by various organizations outside the church.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee provides for joyful and Christ centered worship.  They recruit lay leaders, ushers, communion servers; communion preparers, etc. They oversee the music program, (including the bell choir), maintain adequate supplies for worship. They plan special worship experiences. The committee oversees the activities of Lent, Advent and Christmas programs, and invites guest pastors to preach as needed.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is elected annually at the Annual Meeting and creates the slate for officer nominations each year.