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Mission Committee

The Mission Committee meets the first Wednesday of each Month at the Church.  Anyone is welcome to join us!  We have been concentrating our activities on one Mission per month.  Past Mission efforts can be found in the Annual Reports that we have listed below.

The current Mission Eldar is Mark Mannix

As part of our Mission we are asking the congregation to contact a legislator (State or National) on a topic that they feel strongly about.  We  are not suggesting who to contact or what to say but feel that our voices should be heard.  We have added two documents to the website.  One lists the current legislators and the other gives advice on how to best contact them.  If you agree with what one of them have done send a thank you for how they voted on bill or if you disagree send them a note explaining why.


How Best to Contact Legislators

Annual Reports

Annual Report for 2011
Annual Report for 2012
Annual Report for 2013
Annual Report for 2014
Annual Report for 2015
Annual Report for 2016

2017 Missions

January:  Code Blue    This is a shelter run by the Open Door Mission in Glens Falls.  On nights that the temperature is below 10 degrees and\or we have received over 12″ of snow the shelter opens.  More information can be found at http://opendoor-ny.org/need-help/codeblue/

February: Caldwell Presbyterian Food Pantry      Our food pantry is run by the Deacons and helps those in our community that need assistance.  On February 12th the Mission Committee and the Youth Group will be hosting a Soup and Sandwich fundraiser for the Food Pantry.

March:  Lend a Hand   Last year we started the Lend a Hand project.  Instead of asking for monetary donations we asked the congregation to lend their time and talents to which ever organization they wanted.  We asked people to let us know how many hours were dontated so that we could let the congregation know.